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About Us

Meet Mike Wencel

Fast facts about Mike

  • Manager at BackCountry 4×4
  • 15+years of experience in the automotive industry
  • 10 years of 4×4 expertise
  • Known for his Jeep TJ (nicknamed “Mohawg”)
  • Proud Ontarian (Tillsonburg, ON is his hometown)

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Overlanding
  • Taking his 2019 TRD Tacoma on fly fishing trips
  • The great outdoors
  • Camping (anywhere he can pitch the roof top tent)

Where You’ll Find Him:

  • Driving to the river with his Tacoma
  • Tearing up the trails with the backcountry 4×4 Jeep
  • At Jeep shows and events
  • At the shop

Meet Randie Sawdon

Fast facts about Randie:

  • Parts Specialist at BackCountry 4×4
  • The wheel combo queen!
  • 3rd year 310s apprentice
  • Service advisor experience
  • Loves helping truck enthusiasts make the right choices

Favourite Gear:

  • “Low and wide” with a simple leveling kit is Randie’s perfect setup to turn heads
  • By Fuel, The Militia, and The Assaults are her favourite wheels
  • For a truck, 20×12 Mavericks in chrome are the ultimate choice

Hobbies and Interests

  • The great outdoors
  • Winter
  • Putting sizzling builds together all summer